Meeting client’s needs

The 3Fs- Friendly, fair yet firm.

These have helped me in dealing with clients over the years with my experiences as an administrator, relationship manager, training assistant, project analyst and as a customer assistant representative (yes I know, I have jumped ships way too many times). Be it that they are your friends, relatives or colleagues- they are still your potential clients.

I have attended the Effective Sales and Negotiation Skills course and what I have learned from it, is that everyone is your client. Internal and external clients. In any selling situations, negotiation is an integral part of it. Buyers or clients will usually negotiate on the terms and conditions before signing up to your services or sales contract. Thus, sellers must have the ability to lead masterful sales conversations as well as to be able to create a value proposition for better negotiation power from the start to the end of a sales call or meeting. Otherwise,  the sales conversation betweens sellers and buyers will be disengaged and it will not produce a positive result-oriented outcome.

What I learned and experienced throughout the years is that you have to understand what your client needs are, listen to them and really take note what they want and their expectations. Listening is one of the most important skills we possess. It is one thing to hear what someone is saying, it is another to truly listen. good listening skills are essential because they help you build your client’s trust and confidence. Listening includes reading between the lines, seeing the nuances, emphathizing,determining the speaker’s intent and the actual meaning of what is said.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to give out suggestions or feedbacks to them. Develop strategic alliance to better meet client’s needs. Do it in a manner that is friendly, gentle and fair to them. At the end of it, you are there to meet client’s needs completely.

You also have to be firm because you are the seller, the provider. Some clients have brilliant ideas but they never seem to be grounded with their decisions. This is where you come in and be firm with it. In this context, you have to be the one to tell them “okay you know what? Let’s do this. We are sticking to idea 1 but if that doesn’t fall through, then we can visit idea 2 and so forth” Create a timeline and deadline for it.

You also have to be creative and innovative in helping your client to get what they want. Don’t just stick it to the manuals. Go the extra mile! But of course, you need to get their consent first before you sprinkle your creativity on their work! Again, develop strategic alliance to better meet client’s needs.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your clients about their ideas and work because I feel this is imperative to give them the product of your services. Confidential is the key. Your client trusts you or else they wouldn’t hire you! Not only do they recognized your awesome set of skills but they trust you with their ideas and needs.

Together, you and your client will work through in solving their ideas and make it happen. Simply said, you are helping them turning their dreams and ideas into reality. and you will have one happy client!

Shadows of the night


I am very delighted to share with you all that this wonderful poem of mine has been featured in Ministry of Poetic Affairs website! This would be my third time being featured by them.

Ministry of Poetic Affairs is an online poetry magazine and they offer an independent platform to promote writers and poets to share their work. They feature some of the most amazing writers and poets/ poetesses on their website (myself included :p) I love how they would notice your work and approach you to promote it and they would usually interview you on what inspires you to write them. To know more about them you can find them here: Ministry of Poetic Affairs.

They interviewed me what inspired this piece. you can find it here: Shadows of the Night by Little Miss S. They have edited my piece and incorporate it with their image.

I am very happy that I have been recognised for my work, my art. This gives me the courage to write more and to create more poems. I have always been in touch with my surroundings, I immersed myself and feel connected through the things I see, feel, smell, hear and taste. And I would write about these experiences.

I am ecstatic to work on something now!

“The hustle and bustle of the day fades away,
Replace the peaceful
shadows of the night,
Worries of the day gone,
compensate by the tranquillity
the night is ushered in,
such peace the darkness brings
it elicits the most creative
to come out and play.

-Little Miss S ”

If you like to do some collaboration work with me on any type of poem, please let me know. I would be more than happy to collab! Or if you like for me to write a poem for you to dedicate to your loved ones, reach out to me and I would love to help you out!

Thank you all for the love and support!


Hashimah Writes

Why do I write?

Why do I write?

As I am penning down my thoughts,

I let myself go,

Drowning in my own reverie of words,

I let my soul guide the way through,

Writing down the unfulfilled fantasies,

The broken dreams, the secret hopes and longing,

Ah I let my soul show you pieces of me,

Telling you a story that was never told,

Writing down the unspoken words,

Writing gives me freedom,

It felt like my soul has been trapped inside for far too long,

Unbound myself from my own purgatory,

Slowly I feel a little bit alive,

It gives me courage, strength and above all it saves me from myself,

This is why I write.

Stay alive

This photo was mine, the infinity symbol for me represents endless possibilities. the symbol “;” represents the Semi Colon Project which aims to those who are/were struggling with self-harm, depression and suicide who could have stopped moving forward but didn’t.

The semi colon itself is a punctuation mark that your story is not over yet. There are times where I want to give up, more often than not, it’s a struggling battle and each day it will mentally, physically and emotionally drain you out. It never cease to exist and all we need to do is to reach out even when its hardest to do so, that shows that we have courage to stand and fight against it.

To those who we have reached out to, please don’t give up on us, we may push you away but don’t run away from us. We need help. Sometimes or most times, we just don’t know how to deal with ourselves. Our heads are filled with so much disturbing thoughts and we just don’t know how to deal with it. So please don’t give up on those who are fighting this battle to stay alive. Each day that you are there for us are more than enough and it’s what keeps us going. Small changes makes a bigger impact. Please know this that we are forever grateful and appreciate that you are here.

Thank you for everything. This serves as a reminder that my story isn’t over yet and so does yours 💙

The Journey Begins

This is where it all started for my freelance writing journey. I am still new at this and I have done tons of research to get started since the beginning of the year (but it’s not gonna stop there!)

I admit that I am clueless where to start but hey everyone gotta start somewhere first right? I was nervous (I still am!) to begin this new journey but to overcome this, I know I have to start on taking some action and so I did.

I have yet to build a portfolio about myself and honestly, I am clueless as to what I should write about myself, what I should sell myself on. One thing that I am sure of is that I a fantastic writer! I have always known that I am a good writer but I never really pursue a career into it because I don’t have the confidence to boost through it. I do have experiences in editing, writing articles and even help with cover letters as well. All these through professional setting and of course it is what I do on a daily basis as an administrator.

I have been writing frequently just last year. Writing has saved me from myself. I write to express my feelings, emotions and the experiences I have in the form of poetry. I began publishing it through one of my social media account and it has attracted readers and amazing writers. They were all supportive and sometimes I would have request to make a collaboration with them. I made new friends who are a gem to me as they have been very encouraging to me.

Why I wanted to start this journey on becoming a freelance writer? I have been encouraged by my friends (who have seen my work) that I should do this because they see me as a good writer and I should use this potential skill to good use. At first, I was skeptical to this approach and didn’t really want to do it. This idea was already seeded into my brain and it grew onto me to try it out. So i began my research. The more I dig in, the more I am intrigued to give this gig a try.

I am the type of person who loves to take up challenges because I like to see the sets of skills and abilities I have for the benefit of helping others as well as helping myself. I like to go the extra mile of helping others for the sake of their positive development and I feel that through writing, it helps a lot.

So with this, my journey to freelance writing begins.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton