Salutations to you dear reader!

I’m Hashimah and I’m an avid reader and a poetess. A very passionate woman who can definitely brighten up your day with her mega watt smile! I am passionate about a lot of things and I love to write, it is my form of therapy and I can express myself through writing, mostly expressing it in the form of poetry and I enjoy conversations that can keep me on the edge of my seat! my dream and ambition is to become a successful woman who builds something for herself.

I love to learn and be mentored as I have a very inquisitive mind and a thirst for knowledge. My mind would leaped from one thing to another that generates ideas and wonders. I have very active imagination and I can envision some things easily. Once something that piqued my interest, I would go to the ends of the internet browser to find it. I always get what I want through determination and perseverance. I believe that if you work hard and persevere, you will indeed get what you desire. I am not one to easily give up and I am stubborn but I am sensitive and very empathetic.

Some of my poetry have been published in Ministry of Poetic Affairs website. It is an online magazine dedicated to amazing poets/ poetesses out there. I am honored to be featured by them.

Why I wanted to start this journey on becoming a freelance writer? I have been encouraged by people closest to me to start something new for myself, I should use this potential skill to good use. After much deliberation and research, I have decided to stop being fearful of the what-ifs and started taking action, et voila! was created!

I am the type of person who loves to take up challenges because I like to see the sets of skills and abilities I have for the benefit of helping others as well as helping myself. I like to go the extra mile of helping others and I feel that through writing, it really does wonders. Inspiration is the key to writing and I easily get inspired  with my surroundings. I see, I feel, I taste and I hear. My motto that I go by almost everyday- “To be better than who I was yesterday”- I strive to be good at what I do.

If you would like to reach out to me for the freelance writing services I can offer you, email me at!